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There's a new watersport coming to Maui and we predict it will take the SUP community by storm: SUP Rowing! 

With a terrific device called the 'Oar Board', you can convert just about any SUP board into a rowing rocket--and back again--within minutes. 

If you have ever rowed a traditional rowing shell, you know that the speed, symmetry, and exhilaration of rowing is amazing and highly-addicting. Unfortunately, traditional rowing shells & rigs aren't cheap and shipping to Hawai'i make them prohibitively expensive.

With the Oar Board, you can now enjoy the fantastic sport of rowing with your existing SUP board! As authorized dealers for the Oar Board for Hawai'i, you'll save money by purchasing your Oar Board through us. Additionally, we're glad to walk you through the initial set-up and answer any questions you may have regarding the Oar Board. Buying an Oar Board from us also qualifies you for a $50. rebate on each and every friend you refer to us who also buys an Oar Board and pair of oars!

Our vision is to create a community of SUP rowers here on Maui and eventually form a club. We've also discussed the possibility of creating an Oar Board division within outrigger paddling's annual race calendar; we're pleased that those discussions have met with a positive response from race organizers in the paddle community. Beyond that, putting on an international rowing regatta here on Maui is one of our long-term goals.
This would be a terrific draw for rowers from around the globe and a positive thing for the Oar Board community here on Maui.

[Clicking on the yellow link above will take you to the Oar Board web site. There you'll see photos and videos of the Oar Board in action along with pricing information. Please note, however, that since we order several Oar Boards at a time, our dealer pricing combined with preferred shipping rates will save you money!].

Call or email us today to come demo an Oar Board for yourself in Ka'anapali. Try it once and we're certain you'll want one for yourself!
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